“Changing Signs of Truth” – A Guest Book Review

My buddy Dean wrote a review for the bookstore he works for.

The Baker Deep End Blog

My coworker Dean has written a great review of a new book from IVP Academic, Changing Signs of Truth by Crystal Downing.  Those with an interest in postmodernism will especially enjoy this. I told Dean the only problem I had with his review is that it made me really want to read the book. Why is that a problem? My reading list is already too long! After reading Dean’s review I determined I will have to add Downing’s book to my list. Enjoy.

Review of Changing Signs of the Truth: A Christian Introduction to the Semiotics of Communication by Crystal L. Downing

My first undergraduate course in philosophy was an exciting adventure. Learning about Plato’s cave, Aquinas’s natural theology, and Descartes’s experiments in doubt were fresh ways of looking at the world. We went through western philosophical history from the Greeks to the moderns; so far, so good. Then came…

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